Uniquely designed with highly efficient functional ceramics

Eight emitters made from functional ceramics are the very core of Surya.


The four radiators, each with two distinct emitters, create exactly the spectrum similar to essential sunlight. This leads to holistic effectiveness. The gold coated reflectors and their specific shape allow for efficiently directing the light. This way, Surya can be used within a distance of 0,5m to 5m.

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The Surya infrared strengthens your immune system and lifts up your vitality.
The pleasant deep warmth has a relaxing and calming effect.

Technological excellence for physical and mental regeneration

Instead of simply warming up your skin, Surya creates very pleasant and healthy deep warmth – just like sunlight.


This effect is possible due to the innovative use of functional ceramics. Years of intensive research and development enable us to manage the complex interaction of material, form, controls and assembly.

High-tech with deep impact

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