Bringing the energy of sunlight to your home

Sunlight is essential for body and soul. Our 21st century lifestyle hardly allows for enjoying natural sunlight sufficiently.


Surya.Limited is the innovative infrared light and brings the energy of light to your home. Its specific far infrared light creates a unique deep warmth. Surya Limited effectively supports your performance and strengthens your immune system. The relaxing warmth fosters your inner balance and provides the additional energy boost.


Surya Limited comes with an inspirational design, next level technologies and highest quality standards.

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Intuitive handling enables safe operations

Surya.Limited emits far infrared, which is accepted as safe.


The specific intensity is managed within the uncritical range of 200W to 400W. The intuitive panel allows for adjusting it to individual preferences at any time. Depending on the preferred intensity one will sit in a distance of 0,5 to 5m in front of the device.


The tailor-made carbon composite body ensures stability and protects the emitters

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